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Delivering world-class solutions

We are a leader in innovative high-tech solutions. We have both business and technology expertise, which we use to deliver the best solutions, on time and within budget. We work with companies of all sizes to help them innovate and become the best that they can be.

Team work


Internal mobility

Work-life balance

Company description

We create beautiful, innovative, world-class quality solutions for our clients. We are transforming our industry and we want you to join our mission! With over 3’000 employees worldwide, we are culturally diverse, have an open and inclusive culture, and we have the best employee benefits.

Our clients range from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, in industries such as aerospace, banking, high tech, bio tech, and travel. We have a long history of delivering best in class solutions and a track record of always being on point and on time.

Employee benefits

  • 20 days vacation when you start
  • Possibility for paid 3 months sabbatical every 7 years
  • Internal mobility in our international offices
  • Paid SBB GA
  • Catered lunch every Friday
  • 1 company-wide offsite every year

We were voted best employer in Switzerland 3 years in a row and we are continually striving to become even better and support our employees to reach their highest potential.

Open culture

We have an open and inclusive culture. Our employees have 33 nationalities and we speak a total of 48 languages. We often go for a beer together at the end of the day, we participate in the Sola relay race and by our tradition, everyone brings a cake to the office on their birthday.

We encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work and we genuinely enjoy working together. That helps a lot when things get a bit more stressful, as they do sometimes. 

Team work and open communication

We believe team work is at the essence of everything we create. We always work together and support each other. We have interdisciplinary teams that complement each other and deliver end-to-end solutions to our customers.

We proactively communicate with everyone who might thereby receive or add value. We strive to establish a social context in which people have the right expectations about authoring proposals or commenting on them.


Open offices

Our offices are design for openness and collaboration, but also to allow quiet time and concentrated work. We value team work, but also privacy and we’ve made sure that our office arrangements allow both.


Job opportunities

  • Internships
  • Master thesis
  • Direct entry

Wanted specialties

  • Computer Science
  • Health Tech
  • Bio Tech
  • Electrical Engineering


  • Over 3’000 employees worldwide
  • 700 employees in Switzerland
  • 32 nationalities


  • Switzerland: Zurich, Lausanne, Basel
  • Worldwide: New York, Bangkok, Singapore


Marketing intern

Internship (Praktikum)




Technical controller





Junior lab assistant





Junior Data Scientist





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