Frequently Asked Questions

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The Basics

What are "Young Talents" on TalentDoor?

People who are either currently studying at the tertiary level (University, “Hochschule” or “Fachhochschule”) or who have finished their studies not more than 3 years ago.

What are "Professionals" on TalentDoor?

Professionals are people working at various companies, who are available to talk to Young Talents about their jobs, their employers, the company culture, the day-to-day work, etc.

For Young Talents

What does TalentDoor offer me?

Essentially, we help you find employers that match not just your skills, but also your values and personality.

Through us, you can find out what it’s really like to work for a company. In the company profiles we show you the information you really need in order to decide if that company would be a good employer for you: not just what the company does, but also:

  • the company culture
  • the company’s core values
  • employee benefits 
  • opportunities open specifically for students and recent graduates

For some companies, you can also contact some of their employees and have private, 1-to-1 discussions with them so that you get an insider view into the company and get answers to your specific questions, from someone who works there in an area that’s interesting to you.

How can I contact Professionals and have discussions with them?

 As soon as you sign up on TalentDoor and fill in your profile, you will have access to all profiles of Professionals on our platform. You can filter them by various criteria and contact any of them you want. When you send the contact request, you will have to provide some information such as the topics you want to  discuss and for how long you want to have a discussion (15 or 30 minutes). The Professional will then receive your request and you will be able to decide together on a date and time to have the online call for the discussion.

I can also contact Professionals through LinkedIn or Xing. Why should I do it over TalentDoor?

Because on TalentDoor you know that all Professionals who have profiles here are happy to have discussions with young talents like you. You also get information about what topics you can discuss with each Professional and when that Professional is available for discussions.

In short, TalentDoor was created specifically for this purpose and supports you in every way so that you can easily have insightful conversations with Professionals. LinkedIn and Xing were not created for this purpose and do not offer you all the tools that we do.

For Professionals

What does TalentDoor offer me?

On TalentDoor you get the opportunity to have interesting and stimulating exchanges with Young Talents, and to share your experience with them. A discussion with you could make a big difference in the life of someone who is just starting his or her career. We offer you an opportunity to reflect on your own career, a way to give back, the possibility to see a different perspective and to understand how the younger generation thinks, and ultimately also a way to extend your network.

How much time do I have to invest into talking to Young Talents?

That’s up to you and your employer to decide. We recommend 1-2 hours per month, but it’s your decision. 

I would like to help Young Talents, but I'm not sure on what topics I could have discussions with them.

When you create your profile on TalentDoor, there is a list of suggested topics that you can choose from (for example: day-to-day work, company insights, career paths in your field, interviews, etc.). Just select those that you are comfortable with and that your employer agrees with.

Can I charge for the time I invest into talking to Young Talents?

No, you can’t charge either TalentDoor or Young Talents.

User Profiles

The Basics

How can I create a profile on TalentDoor?

Your profile is created when you register on the platform. In the beginning, your profile will only contain your first and last name (which you have to provide when you register). You can fill in the rest of the data right away or at a later point.

Can I edit my profile after I create it?

Sure! You can edit your profile any time.

For Young Talents

Who has access to my profile on TalentDoor?

As a Young Talent, your profile only becomes visible to Professionals you contact. Other Young Talents and Professionals don’t have access to your profile.

Additionally, some representatives of companies on TalentDoor will have access to your profile and will be able to contact you for potential job offers through TalentDoor.

For Professionals

Who has access to my profile on TalentDoor?

Only registered users (Young Talents, other Professionals and company representatives) do. 

Discussions between Young Talents and Professionals

The Basics

How does a discussion between a Young Talent and a Professional get scheduled?

Young Talents can contact any Professional they want for scheduling a discussion. The Professional can accept or reject that request. If he or she accepts the request, then the Professional will see a few proposals for a date and time for the discussion made by the Young Talent. The Professional can accept one of these slots, or make a new proposal. The Young Talent then has to accept one of the Professional’s proposals or make a new one, until they find a date and time that works for both of them.

How does a discussion between a Young Talent and a Professional take place: online or offline?

The discussions usually take place over online calls (over Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts), but the Young Talent and the Professional are free to also meet in person or to simply exchange messages through the TalentDoor messaging system if they prefer.

Can a Young Talent and a Professional also exchange messages instead of having an online call?

Yes, that’s possible. Once a Professional accepts a Young Talent’s request for a discussion, they are able to exchange private messages through TalentDoor, so the Professional can answer the Young Talent’s questions also in this way rather than through an online call.

How long are discussions between Young Talents and Professionals?

Typically they are between 15 and 30 minutes.

For Young Talents

Can I contact any Professional I want?

Absolutely. Once you create an account on TalentDoor and fill in some basic information about yourself, you can look through the list of Professionals on TalentDoor, filter them by various criteria, and contact any and as many Professionals as you want.

What can I ask Professionals?

Typical topics are:

  • Company insights
  • Career paths
  • What a typical work-day looks like
  • Interviews 
  • How to write a good CV
  • Information about the industry in which the Professional works

etc. You’re welcome to also discuss other topics. When you send a request for a discussion to a Professional, you have to state what topics you want to discuss, so that the Professional can prepare for the discussion.

Do I have to contact a Professional or will Professionals contact me?

If you want to talk to a Professional, you have to contact them.

Will I have a 1-on-1, private discussion with the Professional or will other Young Talents join?

You will have a 1-on-1 discussion with the Professional. We want these exchanges to be private and authentic, and we want you to be able to ask any questions you want, without any outside pressure.

Do I have to pay anything for talking to a Professional?

No. Everything on TalentDoor is completey free of charge for you as a Young Talent.

Will my discussion with the Professional be a kind of (pre-)interview?

That’s not the purpose of discussions between Young Talents and Professionals on TalentDoor. You should talk to the Professional in a relaxed and honest way, so that you can get answers to your questions and find out more about the company where the Professional works. In most cases, the Professionals on TalentDoor are not involved in the hiring and interviewing process. But of course, after having a discussion with you, the Professional might recommend you to the HR department, just like they would refer a friend or someone else from their network.

Can I browse through the Professional profiles without having an account on TalentDoor?

No, that’s not possible. You have to register with us in order to see the profiles of Professionals on TalentDoor. Registering as a Young Talent is free and super easy – it will take you 1 or 2 minutes. And once you have a profile on  TalentDoor, you can get contacted by companies who are interested in your profile – completely for free and with no extra work for you!

I can access the profiles of Professionals, but I can't find a way to contact them.

You have to fill in some information in your profile on TalentDoor before you can contact Professionals. When a Professional gets your request, he or she needs to know who they would talk to, so they need to be able to see a bit of information about you.

Once you have filled in your profile, you will see a “Contact” button when you access a Professional’s profile.

For Professionals

Can I decide which Young Talents I talk to?

Yes, you can. You get contact requests from Young Talents and based on the information contained therein (the profile of the Young Talent, topics he/she would like to discuss, etc.) you can decide if you accept the request or not.

What happens if I accept a request for a discussion with a Young Talent?

Once you accept the discussion request, you will receive a few proposals for a date and time for the discussion made by the Young Talent. You can either accept one of them or make a new proposal. Once you and the Young Talent agree on a date and time, you can have the discussion as planned, through an online audio or video call. Alternatively you can decide to meet in person or to use the messaging system on TalentDoor to exchange private messages, rather than have a call.

What should I do if I don't want to accept a discussion request from a Young Talent?
You can simply reject the discussion request. You’ll just have to enter a short message to the Young Talent saying briefly why you’re rejecting the request – that’s just polite. That’s all.
What if I'm currently too busy to talk to Young Talents?

No problem. Just edit your profile, change the “Currently available” setting to No and enter the date when you will be available again.

What can I expect Young Talents to ask me?

Young Talents usually want to find out what it’s like to work at a certain company, what career paths exist, why you decided to work there, what your typical work-day looks like, what the interview process is like.

When you fill in your profile on TalentDoor, you can select which topics you are willing to discuss with Young Talents. When you get a discussion request from a Young Talent, you will see which topics the Young Talent wants to discuss with you. You don’t have to give any information that you are not comfortable discussing.